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Return to Nature - Living Memorials

Return to Nature - Living Memorials
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Product code: SA136

If you are looking to plant a tree or shrub using cremated remains then you need to balance the soil in order to enable to tree to flourish. RTN Soil is the only organic mixture that has been specifically created to dispose of human and pet remains rapidly and naturally.

Through mixing the soil with remains, toxic sodium levels are reduced and a high pH is neutralised whilst releasing nutrients back in the soil to allow plant life to flourish.

It is the only product on the market that is scientifically proven to be totally effective, and it is incredibly simple to use.

Cremated remains can be very harmful to plant life and ecosystems. When buried in the ground or scattered in large amounts, they alter the composition of the soil, causing long term damage and impacting future growth and regeneration.

Living Memorial soil blend, when mixed with cremated remains, has been scientifically proven to neutralise toxicity, releasing nutrients that allow plant life to flourish.


What's in the kit?
1 x biodegradable cardboard container
1 x bag containing the soil organic mixture
1 x Mixing directions for burial or planting

This Living Memorial kit is ideal for:

  • Bushes
  • Perennials
  • Sapling trees
  • Ground plantings
  • Potted plantings

Height: 36cm
Diameter: 32cm

Weight: 8.5kg