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Bespoke Memorial Oil Painting by Prith Biant

Jamlia by Prith Biant
Farah by Prith Biant
Amrita by Prith Biant
Ruth by Prith Biant
Janet by Prith Biant
Wendy by Prith Biant
Grandma by Prith Biant
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Knowing something about the person will help Prith create a painting that completely represents your loved one.

Please provide a little information about your loved one. What were they like? What were they interested in? Did they have a favourite outfit or piece of jewellery? Where were they happiest?

Price including selected options: £729.23

Once you have placed your order, you will be able to upload 3-5 photos that you would like to be used to create your bespoke oil painting. See Ordering Information below.
Product code: ART001

Prith Biant is a highly skilled and experienced portrait painter who works from her studio in Cardiff. She has been painting for over 10 years and has a substantial body of work.

Working with oils, Prith Biant creates portraits that capture the spirit and character of a person. Prith has a very a painterly style, where you can see the brush marks and distinct colours of paint. But all this comes together to create a harmonious painting that works.

You can choose from the following sizes:

  • 25cm x 30cm

  • 35cm x 45cm

  • 30cm x 30cm

See Ordering Information to find out how you commission your bespoke oil painting.

Quote from Prith:

"Having a portrait of someone who has passed is particularly special as it is not just a memory of that person but it is a way to connect with them."

"When my Mother died I painted her. The portrait sits in my study and makes me feel like she is still with me in spirit, looking out for me."

Quotes from previous commissioners

"Ethan's nature has been captured, a love of life, his kindness and love for his dad. An amazing memory on canvas to treasure and pass on."

S Wilmot-Doyle

"Just to let you know I got Wendy's portrait framed a few weeks ago which is hanging in our lounge. That was the best present I could wish for."

V Wassan

"I love it. You’ve really captured him. I think I’m going to cry"

M Biant

"Prith created an exquisite piece of art for me which was truly first class, all the family love it. She has given us a portrait of great quality and beauty. She was a joy to deal with throughout. We will commission her again."

C Bell

Ordering Information

What's involved in commissioning a painting?

Step one: Select a photo, or a few photos that shows your loved one as you would like to remember them.

Please note big smiles with teeth showing don't work well as a painting. Also there needs to be a sufficient level of detail in the photograph for me to work from. A poor quality or grainy photograph that isn't particularly clear will be tricky to work from.

Step two: Tell me a little bit about the person.

What were they like? What were they interested in? Did they have a favourite outfit or piece of jewellery? Where were they happiest? Knowing something about the person will help me create the painting.What aspect of the person do you want the painting to capture?

Step 3: What size portrait would you like?

You might want to think about where you would hang it too.

Step 4: Composition

Would you like head and shoulders or more of the body included?

Step 5: Once you have placed your order...

You will be able to upload your photos securely when viewing your order details online.

Prith will be in touch to arrange a time so that you can discuss the composition of your bespoke piece of artwork.

What happens next?

Based on the images and text you supply, Prith will suggest a composition. Once that is approved, Prith will get to work on the painting.

Please note, if the artist feels unable to paint a good quality portrait based on the images submitted, we will let you know within 3 days of placing your order.

Delivery information

Once completed, Prith will arrange to show you the painting over Zoom and when you have approved it, it will be securely packaged and posted to you.

A painting takes a minimum of 4 weeks to complete and then 2 weeks to touch dry (maybe longer) before it can be sent out to you.